Home Schooling Tools?

Answer Many parents would love to homeschool their children but hesitate due to lack of qualifications or experience. While teaching experience is a plus, it is not a must for homeschool parents. The educ... Read More »

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Great Home Schooling Projects With Other Home Schooling Kids?

Depending upon your home schooling setup, your home-schooler may work predominantly alone. However, even if the bulk of his studies are completed in solitude, he can still join with others in learn... Read More »

How to Do Home Schooling?

Teaching children at home is an option for any parent in the United States. There are various reasons parents might decide on home schooling, such as the specific traveling too often for traditiona... Read More »

Negatives of Home Schooling?

Home schooling can be a challenging feat for many parents who decide to take that road. If your family has the means to hire a tutor to teach your child 24/7, that can be an excellent idea since yo... Read More »

Considerations in Home Schooling?

The current trend of home education began in the 1970s and '80s. While the first parents to begin home schooling faced many obstacles, such as compulsory education laws, availability of curriculum ... Read More »