Home School Support Groups?

Answer Home-school support groups exist all over the United States and primarily include homeschooling parents, as well as their children. As homeschooling has grown in popularity, so too have home-school... Read More »

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Home Schooling Support Groups?

Support groups can benefit homeschooling families in a number of ways. They can allow for social interaction between children who don't attend school in the usual public or private setting, and all... Read More »

Dad Support Groups?

When people go through difficult or challenging experiences, a support group can help them cope. Support groups that include people with a shared interest provide opportunities to air feelin... Read More »

Are there Down syndrome support groups?

Yes, there are support groups and organizations in many parts of the world. Just look on the Internet.

Support Groups for AIDS?

Scientists detected the first case of AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) in the United States in 1981. Over the years, as the stigma of the disease began to dissipate, national and local org... Read More »