Home Remedy to Lighten Dark Spots on the Armpit?

Answer Darkened armpits are a common problem. Reasons for the discoloration include genetics, shaving, dead skin cell, deodorants or antiperspirants, friction with clothing, excessive sweating, medical co... Read More »

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Is there a home remedy to lighten dark spots on the face?

The primary cause for a patchy skin is stress, harmonal changes or lack of proper nourishment. The skin looks dark in certain areas and light in others. Below are some of the useful remedies for pa... Read More »

How to Lighten Dark Upper Lip Color Using Natural Home Remedy?

Bright, naturally pink lips signify youth and beauty. Many young children are blessed with naturally rosy lips and over time the lips may darken. To lighten a dark upper-lip color using natural hom... Read More »

Home Remedy for Dark Spots on the Neck?

Wearing a high-collar blouse or shirt works well to hide dark spots on your neck during the winter, but the style might be uncomfortable once the weather warms up. Dark spots develop because of age... Read More »

Home remedy for removal dark spots on the face?

Skin care during winter - Lets have a look at an amazing formula where you can clean your skin without fear of drying it out during winter season. The ingredients required for this formula could be... Read More »