Home Remedy for Yellow Teeth?

Answer Coffee, wine, and other everyday drinks and food can yellow your teeth. There's no need to buy expensive, harsh over-the-counter products to whiten teeth when there are many gentle, effective home ... Read More »

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Home Remedy for Yellow Chlorine Hair?

In the summertime, there is no better way to spend hot days than lounging in a pool. But the chlorine can wreak havoc on blonde hair, causing golden locks to take on a dreadful greenish-yellow hue.... Read More »

Home Remedy for Teeth Tartar Removal?

Plaque is soft, bacteria-filled matter that forms on your teeth when you don't brush or floss properly after meals. Tartar, also called "calculus," is hardened plaque. Both of these substances must... Read More »

My teeth after whitening are getting horrible sharp pains how do i stop with a home remedy?

Hold room temperature water in your mouth. Keep drinking room temp water. The pores on your teeth are open due to the bleaching and this will soothe them.

If one of your canine teeth never came down and you were told it was impacted and you needed oral surgery could this have anything to do with the condition of your other teeth which are very yellow?

Answer Orthodontics and oral surgery would be needed to "pull" the impacted canine into position. This would have nothing to do with color of the teeth. If you are worried about yellowing of the t... Read More »