Home Remedy for Extremely Dry Hair?

Answer Dry hair is prone to breakage and severe damage. While a number of professional hair treatments are available, these come with a high price tag and only repair the problem for a short period of tim... Read More »

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Home Remedy to Fix a Hair Dye Gone Bad?

Coloring your hair is a dramatic way to update your appearance. Typically, people decide to change their hair color because they’re ready for a big change. Sometimes, though, that change isn’t ... Read More »

Home Remedy for Dry Hair Masks?

Dry hair is a serious problem that plagues many people. It can affect many things such as the look and health of your hair. There are many treatments for dry hair including going to a salon, but ... Read More »

Home Remedy for How to Get Car Grease Out of Hair?

Changing the oil in your car can save you a lot of money but can be messy, especially if you wind up with oil and grease in your hair. Most of the time, lathering hair with shampoo that contains de... Read More »

Home Remedy for Static Hair?

Almost everyone has those days where no matter what you do, your hair wants to lift and frizz in every direction. It doesn't matter how much product, water or lacquer you put on it, it still seems ... Read More »