Home Remedy for Drain Flies?

Answer Drain flies are 1/5 inches long, with bodies and wings densely covered with hairs. These insects do not bite humans but are a nuisance by their presence. Drain flies can also have a large populatio... Read More »

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Home Remedy: Get Rid of House Flies?

A buzzing house fly can be quite annoying and unsettling for some people, but houseflies are not only an annoyance. They can harm houseplants by eating them, they are unsanitary and according to Oh... Read More »

How to Make a Home Remedy to Deodorize a Drain?

The kitchen drain is a haven for rotting food and grease. If it's not cleaned and deodorized regularly, it will eventually stink. Before you go to the cleaning isle of your local supermarket to pur... Read More »

Homemade Remedy to Unclog a Drain?

Some chemical-based commercial drain cleaners are so harsh that they can only be used on certain types of pipes, as the chemicals corrode plastic and similar pipes. Fortunately, there is a homemade... Read More »

My kitchen sink drain STINKSSSSSS, what product or remedy can i use on it,,, thanks?

Do you have blue loo?? I would dip some down the sink!! Takes the smell away pretty quick. The best thing is Draino. It isn't real expensive either. I use it on my drains and with a septic tank I u... Read More »