Home Remedies for Underarm Perspiration?

Answer Underarm perspiration is a nuisance but many people are wary of using commercial products containing potentially toxic ingredients. Store-bought natural antiperspirants can be expensive. For the f... Read More »

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Home Remedies for Stopping Underarm Sweat?

Although sweating is one of the body's main ways of removing toxins, excessive underarm sweating is a nuisance. Thankfully, there are easy, at home solutions you can try that will stop the perspira... Read More »

How to Reduce Underarm Perspiration?

The main purpose of perspiration is to act as a cooling mechanism for the body. However, some individuals seem to sweat more than others. Excessive sweating in the area of the armpits can cause emb... Read More »

What are the causes of excessive underarm perspiration?

The International Hyperhidrosis Society (IHHS) reports that hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, affects an estimated 3 percent of the world's population. There are various causes of hyperhidrosis... Read More »

Remedies for Perspiration?

Perspiration is the body's natural way to cool down when overheated or after strenuous physical exertion. However, excessive perspiration can turn that natural body function into an embarrassing co... Read More »