Home Remedies for Removal of Mold on Shoes?

Answer Shoes sometimes acquire mold because they get sweat or water on the surface, and then are stored in a closet--a dark place where mold can grow. If you get mold growth on your shoes, you usually don... Read More »

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Home Remedies for Cleaning Mold?

Mold thrives in damp, windless areas and if not eradicated quickly, can spread. If mold is occurring in your home, the spores can contaminate the air and pose a substantial health risk. Employ vari... Read More »

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of White Mold?

White mold can appear on nearly any surface in the home; all it needs is moisture and something to live on. Some individuals may not experience health issues with mold in the home, but allergy or a... Read More »

Home Remedies for Stinky Shoes?

Having stinky feet is not only an annoyance but can be quite embarrassing. Foot odor is usually caused by sweaty feet and rapid-growing bacteria. A variety of preventive measures and home remedies ... Read More »

Home Remedies for Removing Cat Urine From Shoes?

Cat urine is infamous for producing a lingering, unpleasant odor. Your cat may urinate away from its litter box for a number of reasons, including illness, stress and other behavioral problems, ter... Read More »