Home Remedies for Old Age Spots?

Answer Age spots, also known as liver spots, sun spots or lentigines, are flat brown discolorations of the skin. They usually appear on the back of the hand, and while harmless, can be unsightly. They're ... Read More »

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Home remedies for Hot Spots?

You need to find the reason for the Hot Spots before you try to treat them. It sounds like maybe allergies. Try switching to a grain-free dogfood. Corn, wheat and soy are often allergens for dogs. ... Read More »

Home remedies for spots?

Do you mean stains after acne or sun spots? If it's from acne they're very hard to get rid of. Spots from the sun are equally hard to get rid of, but the treatments are essentially the same. The ba... Read More »

Some home remedies for spots?

you should try with a face pack. put in a liquidizer a little portion of oats, limon and milk then put it to whip and finally put it on your face by 15 minutes, then wash it with cold water.

Home Remedies for Age Spots?

To some people, finding their first age spots can be as traumatic as finding their first gray hair. Since age spots, or liver spots, often appear as we mature, many equate them with "getting old." ... Read More »