Home Products Used for Over Processed Hair?

Answer Hair can become over-processed for many different reasons. Blowing your hair dry, using flat irons, curling irons and rollers can lead to dry, damaged and over-processed hair. However, the main cul... Read More »

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Remedy for Dry, Over-Processed Hair?

Overprocessed hair can be dry, crusty and unmanageable. It doesn't matter if you went too blonde, had another permanent or spent too much time in front of the blow dryer: Damaged hair can be a has... Read More »

Tips on Over Processed Dry Hair?

Many things we do to our hair to make it look better can eventually lead to damage, with hair seeming brittle and fried. Coloring, chemical straightening, heated irons and straighteners; even sun ... Read More »

What to Do for Over Processed Hair?

In the search for beautiful hair, we tend to over process it so much that we end up with dull, lifeless locks. Over processed hair is dry, easily tangled and prone to split ends and tends to fall o... Read More »

How to Treat Over-Processed Black Hair?

Chemical straighteners, dyeing, bleaching and heat products can cause black, African-American hair to become dry and brittle. If it becomes too damaged, it could break off. The best way to deal wit... Read More »