Home Economics Class Ideas?

Answer Fifty years ago, young women were usually required to take home economic classes in high school and these classes focused on cooking and sewing. Today, this class includes both young women and youn... Read More »

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Home Economics and Fun Ideas for the Classroom?

Home economics -- the art and science of home-making -- has traditions dating back to the mid-1800s. It encompasses the applied arts, human development and child care, clothing and textiles, food a... Read More »

Revision Ideas for Home Economics?

Home economics was once considered significantly gender-biased, focusing on female students and lesson plans that reflected traditional housewife roles. The underlying concept of home economics cla... Read More »

Sewing Ideas for Eighth-Grade Home Economics?

When recessions coincide with a desire for a greener life, home economics classes experience a resurgence of respect. Young people have a renewed desire to alter their clothes, make their own home ... Read More »

Activity in Economics for Class 12th?

Many 12th graders take an economics course in high school. Economics is the study of the economy and deals with issues such as scarcity, supply and demand and the stock market. Twelfth grade studen... Read More »