Home Charcoal Types?

Answer Charcoal is a fuel source in non-propane barbeque grills. Grillers light charcoal and let it burn down, creating an even all over heat. Manufacturers create charcoal from a number of pre-burned su... Read More »

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What size barbecue grill is best for heating your home with charcoal in winter?

You would need one approximately the same size as the coffin they will bury you in when you die of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Is it safe to add a little charcoal to my gas grill to get that charcoal flavor?

Never add charcoal to a gas grill. Gas grills are not built to withstand high temperatures and can explode. Use charcoal scented wood chips instead to get that nice charcoal flavor.References:Propa... Read More »

Are charcoal briquettes the same as activated charcoal?

Although similar on the surface, charcoal briquettes and activated charcoal are very different. They may have a number of similar elements, namely carbon, but the properties and purity of that carb... Read More »

What are the types of home loan programs?

A number of different mortgage programs are available for borrower. They can have fixed or variable interest rates and range in term from 10 to 40 years. The most popular options are conventional a... Read More »