Holywaterretention!: What is the most weight you have lost in a week?

Answer 185 pounds in one day. I thanked the judge and payed the lawyers..........Sorry I could not resist.

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What is the most amount of weight you have ever lost in your life?

I dropped forty pounds from a stomach bug after eating food from a street vendor in the Philippines. It was suggested I get a moonlighting job as a skeleton in the anatomy class of the local med s... Read More »

How much weight can be lost in a week?

Many doctors and fitness expects believe that losing 1 to 2 lbs. per week is ideal. Losing weight too fast can lead to unhealthy side effects, or even the weight coming right back. While it is poss... Read More »

What is the most weight lost by a single person on the biggest loser?

Moses this season on the grey team lost 41lbs in week one, that's the most ever lost by a single person in a week.

What does it mean if you have already lost your plug and you are 40 weeks and you get blood and have been having false labour for a week?