Holter monitor results and Metoprolol?

Answer I will just tell you my experience. I also wore the halter monitor and my heart rate averaged 168 bpm. I have had several episodes that have sent me to the ER. Finally they did a dye test which sho... Read More »

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How to Wear a Holter Monitor?

If your doctor diagnoses you with irregular cardiac symptoms that are non-life threatening, he or she will probably prescribe a Holter Monitor for you to wear. This fairly common device helps monit... Read More »

What does a Holter heart monitor test for?

A Holter heart monitor records your heart's activity as you wear it, allowing doctors to determine if you have arrhythmia or an irregular heart rhythm, according to the Mayo Clinic. In most cases, ... Read More »

What does a heart Holter monitor test for?

A Holter heart monitor is a small medical device used to detect and evaluate sporadic, irregular heart rhythms. The patient will wear the device for 24 to 48 hours while the monitor records his hea... Read More »

The nikon D3 photo shoot results from my camera is not optimum because the printouts and also on the monitor i can see lots of parallel lines at very egular intervals from left to right top to bottom?

Sounds like underexposure. Set the camera on automatic and take a photo in good light. If it looks OK, then that's your problem. You may be pushing the flash too far, or the other camera settings ... Read More »