Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD): 3.9 Tetrabyte-Disc, Necessary?

Answer Definitely not, at least for now. People are trying very hard to fill up the spaces of DVDs, we don't have that much files nor do we need that much up storage. Although the price is not really a bi... Read More »

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The Advantages of Holographic Versatile Discs?

The pace of change in the busy world is increasing. You seem to change one technology for another as quickly as you change shoes. First there was the CD. The CD was replaced by the DVD. You only re... Read More »

How can i download video songs and movies from internet and store it in my hard disc or DVD disc?

in (name of movie)

What is best to store data 1)floppy disc 2)cd 3)pen drive 4)hard disc 5) any thing else?

I would have said CD 5 years ago but DVD would have to be my choice today.CD- 700 MBDVD-8gb+Soon may be Blue Ray. 25GB+

My DVD player says "Disc Loading" but after a short time it changes to "No disc". What is the problem?

the disc is dirty, lyke it has a lot of scratches on the back of the CD