Hollyhock rust Can it be stopped?

Answer Very sadly, not at all easily, even with copious application of fungicide.Better is to grow them to discourage rust developing. Grow them dry and don't feed them too well, so that growth is not lus... Read More »

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How to Sow Hollyhock Seeds?

Hollyhocks are an attractive addition to any garden. They produce colorful blooms and often grow to a height of 5 feet or more. Use hollyhocks to provide a natural-looking privacy border or plant t... Read More »

Is there a patent on hollyhock?

There is no patent on the word "hollyhock," as evidenced by the number of companies using the name for their products or businesses. These companies include Hollyhock, Inc., a home furnishings comp... Read More »

When do i plant hollyhock seeds?

On One Hand: Plant Hollyhock Seeds in Late SpringHollyhock (Alcea rosea) is a biennial. Seeds can be planted indoors in the winter for summer bloom or outdoors in early spring for blooms the follow... Read More »