Holley 7448 Specifications?

Answer The Holley 7448, also known as the 350 CFM, is a two-barrel carburetor. Carburetors are components within an internal combustion engine that blend air and fuel. These universal-type, two-barrel car... Read More »

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How do I Tune a Holley 0-7448?

The Holley 0-7448, also known as the Holley 2300, is a light-duty, street-performance carburetor designed for small-block V-8s and 6-cylinder engines. The Holley 2300 has an air flow rating of 350 ... Read More »

Holley 7448 Tuning Tips?

Holley Performance Products, known as Holley, has been manufacturing fuel systems and supplying automobile makers such as Ford, since 1903. Holley is known for its carburetors, having produced over... Read More »

Holley Carburetor Specifications?

Holley produces a wide range of carburetors. Each product is made to serve a different purpose, so the specifications must alter for each carburetor. Holley is the only modular carburetor company t... Read More »

How to Adjust a Holley 670?

One of the more unique Holley carburetors, the 670 (named for its 670 cubic feet per minute of air flow) is designed specifically for low-rider vehicles that pitch drastically to the left, right an... Read More »