Hoist Classifications?

Answer Hoist classifications are the recommended duty cycle of a hoist. The classifications includes the recommended time the hoist is used per hour, the maximum number of lifts per hour, the idle time be... Read More »

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How to Use a Hoist?

In factories, hospitals, educational institutions, and other facilities need to move an item that is too heavy, bulky, or awkward, it is common practice to use a hoist. There are several types of h... Read More »

How to Hoist an Engine?

Engines are the lifeblood of a vehicle, and sometimes they need to be removed. Be it for maintenance, replacement, or even just to clean it up, you need to hoist an engine to remove it from a vehic... Read More »

How to Choose a Car Hoist?

Two Post Car HoistThis guide will help you decide which car hoist might be suitable for you

DIY Kayak Hoist?

Loading and unloading your kayak from the roof of your vehicle is arguably the worst part of any kayak trip. The task takes at least two people and can cause serious damage to your kayak and your v... Read More »