Hoe do i install my printer to another computer without the CD?

Answer If your printer is on a computer that is on a home network with the computer you want to install it to, you can turn on printer sharing, go out and find the printer on the other computer in your "n... Read More »

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I last my printer CD and I rebooted my computer. How do I install my printer without the CD?

You can download and install the printer drivers on the Net.If you'd told us the Printer Make and model, I'd have been able to give you the link.Post that detail so that someone else can help you w... Read More »

I have an old printer, and a new computer, how do I install the printer if I don't have a disk?

Go to the website of the printer manufacturer. They should have the printer driver available to download there.

Please help me, install printer hp f2410 for my computer. My computer have a linux operation system.?

Need to have a look around for different drivers, and not those provided by HP.…

How to Install an HP PSC Printer to a Computer?

Hewlett-Packard's PSC line of printers, also known as Photosmart, are all-in-one printers targeted at the consumer market for photo printing. These printers have a driver and software package bundl... Read More »