Ho eats bananas?

Answer They are like 'gold' in the morning i.e. best with breakfast.Like 'silver' for lunch and like 'stone' in the evening.Hope you understand this.

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Potassium can help lower risk in having a stroke. Also 98% of cells in the body contain potassium.Finaly here is a list of other good foods high in potassium:Carrots, ApricotsCelery, AvocadosDry be... Read More »

Why are bananas so hot?

Because there shape is closely related to the penis.

Can bananas fly?

Yes!If you eat one then go on a plane or just take it on the plane.It's flying then.So Ha.Flying Banana's exist.

How to Store Bananas?

Available year round, portable, sweet and creamy, bananas are a convenient way to add key nutrients to your diet. Bananas are high in vitamins, potassium, soluble fiber and protease inhibitors, whi... Read More »