Ho can i hook my tv to my receiver?

Answer Usually but, of course, not always, the set up you're describing on your TV is for audio into the TV, not for audio out. Hard for us to know without more info, though. If the red and white connec... Read More »

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How do I hook up my receiver to my tv?

Does your tv and receiver have red and a white spot to plug something in? Should say audio near it. If so then get a dual end red and white audio cable and put one end into the tv and the other end... Read More »

How to Hook Up a DVD to a Receiver?

Hooking up your DVD player to a stereo receiver enables users to hear their DVDs in surround sound or on other personal home speaker systems. This connection requires connecting both audio and visu... Read More »

Can i hook hdmi up to my receiver?

Easiest connection would be this:Connect blu-ray & xbox to TV via HDMI cableThen connect TV to Denon via optical cableThis is assuming your TV has 2 HDMI inputs & an optical output and the Denon ha... Read More »

How to Hook Up Your DVR Receiver to a VCR?

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) receiver and a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) each have two sets of jacks--input and output--for receiving signals to record and to play back the recorded programs eit... Read More »