Hit my head several years ago, still feel a soft spot?

Answer Since it seems like its most likely cause by hitting your head it is probably keloid , keloid is A iregular formed tissue at the site of a scar or injury and since you injured your head by hitting ... Read More »

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Baby fell off bed and hit her head several hours later she still has a huge red spot on her forehead i don't know if i am just being to worried or if i should go ahead and take her to the hospital.?

Get her checked by your local doctor and follow the doctor's recommendations.GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY

Soft spot on a baby's head?

My 7yr old son complains of a soft spot on back of his head can you help me?

You mean his skull is soft in one part ? You better get a professional opinion and check up.

What is the soft spot on an infant's head called?