Hit in the jaw by a hockey ball, is it serious?

Answer For sure go to the ER. All head/neck injuries should be checked out as soon as possible. The fact that you do not remember getting hit or the 5 minutes after is also a strong reason to get checked ... Read More »

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Ball Hockey Strength & Agility Training?

Training for ball hockey is similar to training for ice hockey in that a lot of the same muscle groups are used for both sports. Taking ice hockey exercises and transferring them to ball hockey is ... Read More »

Which ball will fall faster, a big ball or a little ball?

A big ball will fall more quickly than a little ball. This is due to the effect of air resistance. The big ball will reach a higher speed before encountering enough air resistance to stop its accel... Read More »

What type of 7 ball was used on ESPN sudden death 7 ball pool tournaments?

How to Play Wall Ball with a Tennis Ball?

Wall ball is a fun game. This is a great way to play wall ball, and it makes the game fun playing by these rules.