History of the Router?

Answer A router is an electronic device that connects two or more computer networks. Unlike today's routers, which look like telephone switches, the first router was actually a mini-computer that controll... Read More »

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Mom is looking at my history through my wifi router?

just like mark said, proxy servers will help because she can only get information about the server your using. if she wanted to see into the server she would have to get on your computer. id recomm... Read More »

What is the router command history used for?

The “router command history” is a list of information that shows the commands sent to a router from a computer and vice-versa. Most routers allow the user to access the router command history ... Read More »

Can the first router see the browsing history of the second?

Since all traffic is routed through the first router its log pages will show the entire network. As to your second question, if everything is working leave the system as it is. Also note that the... Read More »

How to delete router history?

If you want to access the router, you need to go to command prompt, type "ipconfig" and look at the default would be ab example.Type the default gateway into a web browser (Such... Read More »