History of the Honda Insight?

Answer In 2000, Honda's Insight became the first hybrid car, use gas and electric, available in North America. With estimated fuel economy of 61 mpg on the highway, the Insight was the most efficient EPA ... Read More »

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Can you tow a Honda Insight?

You can tow a Honda Insight. The Honda Insight comes with a standard front towing hook that a tow-truck operator can use to pull the car onto a flatbed tow truck.References:Insight Central: Towin... Read More »

How to Clean a Honda Insight EGR?

Over the lifetime of your Honda Insight, the exhaust gas recirculation valve, commonly referred to as the EGR valve, may become dirty and clogged with carbon. The valve is primarily responsible for... Read More »

Honda Insight Cabin Filter Instructions?

Not to be confused with the engine air filter, the cabin air filter provides clean air for the passenger cab of the vehicle. Cabin air filters were not always used in cars, but the Honda Insight hy... Read More »

How to Route a Belt on a 2001 Honda Insight?

Two belts control all of the accessories on the 2001 Honda Insight Hybrid. The crankshaft turns the belts around the accessories when the engine is running. As the belts are turning, they enable th... Read More »