History of Lanolin?

Answer Lanolin is a material derived from the wool of a sheep. Known as wool wax or wool fat, this substance is used in a variety of skin and beauty products. It also is used to produce vitamin supplement... Read More »

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What Is Lanolin?

An intensely moisturizing mixture of fats from the sheep of a skin, lanolin is a favored choice for treating dry skin as well as other skin ailments among health care professionals and those lookin... Read More »

Alternatives to Lanolin?

There are a few alternatives to the animal-based emulsifier lanolin. While lanolin, a word taken from Latin that translates as "wool oil," has been surrounded by myths that are largely debunked, th... Read More »

Can you be allergic to lanolin?

YES, I am allergic to LANOLIN. I had a shower using some cream shower gel (containing Lanolin) and the next day I was scratching alot and felt like I had dry skin. So I took a bath with E45 Embolli... Read More »

Uses for Lanolin?

Lanolin is a greasy substance with chemical resemblance to wax. It is derived from sheep, removed from sheered wool as it is cleaned for textile preparation. Lanolin has a variety of uses, but is m... Read More »