History of Gestalt?

Answer The goal of Gestalt therapy is the development of an awareness of feelings and actions as they exist in the present and the ability to distinguish these from feelings and thoughts carried over from... Read More »

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The 5 Principles of Gestalt?

Gestalt psychologists investigate the study of perception, how the properties of the visual world influence what we see and what we conclude from what we see. They believe that organisms perceive w... Read More »

How Do I Beat Gestalt in "FF13"?

Gestalt is a mode of battle that only takes place when you are combating Eidolons, which are special summonable creatures in "Final Fantasy XIII." The only way to obtain Eidolons in FF13 is to defe... Read More »

When was the Gestalt school of psychology founded?

The Gestalt school of psychology was founded in the early 20th century by Max Wertheimer. The Gestalt-Theorie began officially in 1912 when Wertheimer wrote an article on the phi-phenomenon. The w... Read More »

Parents- how do you explain to a 7 years old why there are black history but not white history month?

You know I wonder that myself. I appreciate what the black community has done for our country. I'm thrilled that race has been more and more seen as just skin color and nothing more. I'm glad ra... Read More »