History of Double Bass Jazz Music?

Answer The double bass has the lowest pitch of all the instruments of a modern orchestra. It is also called the upright bass, contrabass, and the string bass. It has become a staple in jazz music and spaw... Read More »

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The History of Jazz Music in America?

America's history of jazz music includes many historical components: the history of cultural influences, the history of musicians, the history of instruments, the history of jazz styles and the his... Read More »

How are jazz dance&jazz music connected?

Jazz has remained a popular musical and dance style because of its ability to reflect cultural changes while holding on to its original flair. Jazz music and jazz dance originate from the simple de... Read More »

How much did a 1995 MIM Fender Jazz Bass cost?

According to Harmony-Central, the 1995 Fender MIM Bass guitar was manufactured in Mexico and retailed from $250.00 (used) to $600.00 (new). The MIM series guitar was a fretless bass that appealed t... Read More »

What is the value of a fender jazz bass serial no S735943 and how to sell in Bahrain?

I see pages and pages of this exact question in Google, so I doubt you're seriously looking for the answer.But just in case you are, that serial number could either denote a 70's US bass or a 90's ... Read More »