History of Chinese Crested Dogs?

Answer A unique looking animal, the Chinese Crested Dog resembles a miniature pony or fawn. The Chinese and other explorers made reference to what is now known as the Chinese Crested Dog as far back as th... Read More »

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What Food to Feed Chinese Crested Dogs?

Dogs need good nutritious food, but when you go down the dog food aisle at the grocery store, it is easy to be overwhelmed with all the choices. The manufacturers of all these foods want you to thi... Read More »

Chinese Crested Gifts?

The Chinese Crested dog is a rare type of dog that is born and lives hairless. There are two varieties of this dog, and one litter can bear both types. The two types are the Chinese Crested with fu... Read More »

Why do koreans and chinese people eat dogs?

Your question is extremely ignorant. Not all Korean and Chinese people eat dog meat. It's culture, deal with it. It may seem abnormal to you, but really, there's nothing wrong with it. I know my fr... Read More »

History of the Chinese Gong?

The gong is a type of musical instrument thought to have originated in China, though the actual word "gong" comes from Javanese. Though they sprang from Asia, they eventually spread to Europe. Gong... Read More »