History of Car Engine Pistons?

Answer Piston development is an interesting sort of thing in engine history, primarily because it's less a history of "development" than it is of utilization. Most piston materials, production methods and... Read More »

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How to Test Car Engine Pistons?

A compression test can reveal what's happening inside a car engine without tearing it apart. The cylinder walls, valves, seals, pistons and rings all create a tight seal, allowing energy to push th... Read More »

How to Clean Engine Pistons?

Carbon build-up on the top of pistons is a magnet for more carbon build-up. A substantial amount of carbon build-up can eventually break off and enter the cylinder heads permanently damaging the en... Read More »

How to Remove Engine Pistons?

Overhauling an engine is a rewarding, fun, intensive, and difficult task, all rolled into one. Hundreds or even thousands of individual parts must work in harmony for smooth engine operation. When ... Read More »

The History of the AMC 360 Engine?

The American Motors Corporation introduced the 360-cubic-inch V-8 engine in 1970 as part of its attempt to remain competitive with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. Although not known for its musc... Read More »