History of Car Boats?

Answer Car boats, also known as "amphicars" or "boatmobiles," are vehicles designed to operate on land and in the water. They make for popular novelty spectacles as well as excellent, functional vehicles.

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How to Buy Used Boats in Florida?

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Do boats need the CE mark?

American-made recreational boats only need the "CE" mark to prove that the boats comply with recreational craft rules of European Union countries or in the European Economic Area, which includes ov... Read More »

How Can I Tell What Propellers I Need for My Boats?

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How do I get rid of odors in boats?

Identify the source of the odor. Common sources of odor on a boat include sanitation hoses, holding tanks, bilges, cushions or mattresses, refrigerators, fuel odors and pet odors.Clean out all hose... Read More »