History Project Ideas on the Renaissance's Scientific Revolution?

Answer Derived from the Latin word for "rebirth," the Renaissance was a rediscovery of ancient philosophy and ideas. For the sciences in particular, this period witnessed a series of major developments an... Read More »

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Science Project Ideas & the Scientific Method?

Science fair projects are based on the scientific method. Students formulate a hypothesis and predict the outcome before performing the experiment. The test results support or refute the hypothesis.

6th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas Using the Scientific Method?

The scientific method consists of forming, testing and, if applicable, re-evaluating a hypothesis, or educated guess. The hypothesis evolves into a working theory and eventual established fact as d... Read More »

Ideas for a History Project on the Pyramids?

The pyramids in Egypt and Central America are architectural wonders that still fascinate the world. The pyramids in Egypt were first constructed around 2700 B.C. The Mayan pyramids were built much ... Read More »

School History Project Ideas?

A research project about history should not be one of the more difficult school projects you will ever face because you have so much to choose from for it. Thousands of years of civilization have p... Read More »