Historically inaccurate websites (besides Wikipedia)?

Answer Yes, Wikipedia has lots of inaccuracies about history, and those who try to correct those inaccuracies without understanding wiki-politics will find themselves blocked or banned from Wikipedia.I'd ... Read More »

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What are some websites that are non credible besides wikipedia?

Any website trying to sell you a product that doesn't work has slightly more credibility than Wikipedia, but is still not good enough to provide credible information on which to base important deci... Read More »

Are there any other websites of info besides Wikipedia PLEASE!?

Do you know any research websites besides Wikipedia will give 10 pts if answered in 2 hours.?

This is what Wikipedia is used for. So many people ignorantly ask "Is Wikipedia reliable?" because they simply don't get it.You should go to Wikipedia and type "KKK" in the search box and click GO... Read More »

Is Wikipedia inaccurate?

No, it is not. Your friend for most part is right on this. There are many reasons why also, but basically on Wikipedia you can get anyway with ANYTHING as long as there a so called "source" backing... Read More »