Historic Window Styles?

Answer Historically, windows have been the focal point of some of the most architecturally significant structures world-wide. The Rose Window, Notre Dame Cathedral's large stained-glass portal, is only on... Read More »

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Window Replacement in Historic Homes?

Window replacement in historic homes is a tricky proposition in that traditional replacement products often cannot be used for this purpose. Commercially manufactured products may not fit size-wise... Read More »

Window Topper Styles?

Sometimes, the simple act of adding a topper to a window can make a room feel complete. A topper does exactly what it implies -- goes over the top of the window. Reasons for a topper vary from givi... Read More »

Exterior Window Styles?

Residential windows provide more than ventilation and a view of the outside. For example, windows can also enhance the architectural design of a room, integrate interior and exterior spaces or prov... Read More »

Bay Window Curtain Styles?

Bay windows give an illusion of greater space, provide extended views of the outdoors and increase the flow of natural light into a home. Consequently, some people choose to leave their bay windows... Read More »