Historic Ways of Treating Gray Hair?

Answer One of the most visible signs of aging is the gradual graying of hair. Some attribute the graying process to stress, but this notion has not been scientifically proven. Heredity seems to be the pre... Read More »

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Natural Ways to Stop Gray Hair?

For most, graying hair is a natural, inevitable process. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. When the hair is forming, melanin (pigment) is injected into the cells that contain hair's prot... Read More »

Proper Ways to Dye Gray African-American Hair?

Aging is just a fact of life, as inevitable as time itself. As you age, the color in your hair may start to fade to gray. You can sport the natural look, and embrace your grayness, or mask it with ... Read More »

Natural Ways to Make My Gray Hair Brighter?

Aging doesn't have to be a scary experience. Part of aging is turning gray -- this doesn't necessarily mean you'll have unattractive hair unless you color it, though. Gray or graying hair can look ... Read More »

Natural Ways to Make Hair Stop Turning Gray?

People who begin to grow gray hair, perhaps at an earlier age than they would like, might try to get rid of the grays by dying their hair. Though this may keep the grays at bay for a short time, th... Read More »