Hippocratic Diet?

Answer The Hippocratic diet is based on principles described by Hippocrates more than 2,400 years ago. The Hippocratic diet has been used to control weight and to lessen the effects of degenerative diseases.

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What is the hippocratic oath ?

better known as the hypocritic oath by some, it is an oath to pagan deities to adhere to some set of ethical standards in medical practice. it begins, "first do no harm.... .given that the most com... Read More »

What are the differences between an adequate diet balanced diet moderate diet and varied diet?

An adequate diet contains all nutrients necessary for long-term survival. It may not necessarily be optimal or have any variety. A balanced diet refers to a diet that does not have too much of jus... Read More »

Do combat medics swear the Hippocratic oath?

Is a fat free diet or a low fat diet or a full fat diet best for fat burning?

Answer Never ever attempt a fat free diet or any diet recommending that you get less than 10% of your calories from fat. You could cause yourself serious harm, as fat is needed to absorb vitamins... Read More »