Hippie Decorating of the 1960s?

Answer The 1960s was a tumultuous era full of social and political change. The rebellious atmosphere affected many aspects of everyday life, including home décor. Hippie decorating replaced the subdued w... Read More »

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Hippie Interior Decorating?

If you are attracted to hippie style, create a room that has this laid-back and groovy feel. You can produce a room that makes inhabitants feel as if they have taken a trip back in time. Decorating... Read More »

How to Be a Hippie?

A hippie gentlemanIf you want to be a hippie you can't just want to be one because you think they're "cool". You have to be down with the hippie philosophy. Hippies are loving, liberal, peaceful an... Read More »

How to Be a Modern Hippie?

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How to Be a Hippie Child?

Wanting to be a hippie as a child is cool and great for anyone. Being a hippie means believing in the "Flower Power", meaning having "nonviolence" in your life. Here are some more steps to becoming... Read More »