Hip problem helpp!!!!?

Answer You have heard ???....Medically speaking, hear say, does not cut it in 21st century medicine. Without a proper office visit and diagnosis, to involve x-rays, difficult to ascertain. You are adding ... Read More »

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Weird Sleep problem :O helpp?

Maybe you didn't get enough sleep and you're just in a deep sleep. Try getting more rest

I am facing problem in opening Ork, I don't have problem in Gmail, while i am trying to open Ork, problem?

Dont worryTo Remove:1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to the processes tab 2. Look for svchost.exe under the image name. There will be many but look for the ones which have your username under the usern... Read More »

HELPP!!!! PLEASE!! I JuST GOT BIT !!!!!!!!!?

Take any anti-infammatory...Aspirin's the best, though...Keep it in ice-cold water, and don't move around a spreads the fire-ant poison...It you drink alcohol beverages, make them crushed ... Read More »

How to fix my hair please helpp!?

if you have an indent i your hair, you can always take some water and dampen the part that's indented, comb through it, but really lightly, and after that, use your hands to press down the damp par... Read More »