Hip painknee pain weight loss night sweats bone bulges . is it childhood cancer?

Answer It would be impossible to answer that question through the Internet. But if you're having pain, bone problems, night sweats and weight loss, you should definitely see a doctor right away.

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Can metastatic bone cancer cause nerve pain?

On One Hand: Cancer Causes PainWhether it originates in bone or elsewhere, metastatic cancer can cause neuropathic pain through infiltration of nerves, observes Richard A. Lehne, Ph.D. Neuropathic ... Read More »

My mom experience bone cancer. Can Tian xian liquid cure bone cancer?

This liquid is also called Tien-Hsien liquid. There have been no human clinical trials conducted for the safety or effacy of this product ( no benefit has been documented). No evidence exists that ... Read More »

R-CHOP/Cancer Weight Loss?…Prednisone is part of the R-CHOP regimen. Prednisone is the "P" at the end.Most of my patients did not gain or lose a great deal of weight.The key is to ... Read More »

4)Weight loss in a person might be the result of a) sarcopenia b) diabetes c) cancer d) all of these?