Hip makes a popping sound when I walk...what is it?

Answer well i know that when i put my leg in a aqward posistion it my hip joints makes that noise.. hmm i say the best bet is go to your dr. who will prob reer u to a specialist

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What makes that popping sound when you crack a joint?

Amee above is right. Cracking or popping joints - usually fingers or knees - is caused by trapped air!

What do you do when you hear a popping sound in your arm ?

Sounds like a hyper-extended elbow but he could have torn his extensor tendon. You said that he has a burning sensation on the skin. If it is on the outside then, he most likely has torn the exte... Read More »

What is that popping crackling sound in my knee when u bend them been having it for years?

It's the same thing as when people crack their knuckles, something to do with synovial fluid that cushions our joints and creating a vacuum when you bend the joint..I'm not too clear on specifics b... Read More »

When i pull on my ear lobes it makes a cracking sound (like cracking your knuckles sound)?

You have an ear infection. you should go to the doctor though because it might be more serious.