Hindu Fasts & Pilgrimages?

Answer Both fasts and pilgrimages are traditional Hindu practices, performed for the purposes of spiritual development or purification. Fasting, the abstinence of food for a set number of days, is a Hindu... Read More »

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Why do pilgrims go on pilgrimages?

Followers of religions from around the world practice pilgrimages to visit sacred sites and shrines. These travelers, sometimes called pilgrims, make their long trips on foot, in car, on horseback ... Read More »

What is the definition of pilgrimages?

Pilgrimages are journeys made to a shrine or sacred place. They can also be long journeys or searches for an exalted or moral purpose. Pilgrimages may refer to trips taken for sentimental reasons.R... Read More »

Why were pilgrimages important?

Whether landing on the shores of North America to pursue religious freedom, or trudging through the heat of the Persian Gulf desert, pilgrims intrinsically seek something greater than themselves.Si... Read More »

How do Mexicans make religious pilgrimages?

Many Mexicans make religious pilgrimages on foot or on their knees, traveling for days to the Catholic shrine where they intend to pray and complete a penance or make a request of the Virgin Mary o... Read More »