Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii people.... just a little question?

Answer Oh YEA!Is it Ben & Jerry's that has that great ice cream flavor, or is it Hagan Daas?…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dulce de leche ("milk jam" or "caramel spread"), al... Read More »

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Googles fixed not really a question just telling people?


Ok just so people no this is not a question ccleaner is free to download yes.?

Ok Anthony, unless it has recently changed ccleaner does not do that. Some programs do. Ccleaner asks for donations and works the same whether or not a donation is made, it is offered free to the p... Read More »

Do u hate it when people answer your question just because of the points?

I absolutely hate it! I mean, you ask a serious question and someone comes up with a stupid answer or just a "yeah" , "dude!", "totally" , "why do you ask?" , "no" freakin dumb...

Just a question--what are some of the valid facts and reasons why people choose not to vaccinate their baby?

I live in California and it's mandatory for your child to be vaccinated if they enter Public Schools (maybe it's because we're on the border of Mexico so our children are more at risk for outbreaks... Read More »