Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii people.... just a little question?

Answer Oh YEA!Is it Ben & Jerry's that has that great ice cream flavor, or is it Hagan Daas?…~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dulce de leche ("milk jam" or "caramel spread"), al... Read More »

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Your Open Question: People in cars don't care about other people on the road?

People may claim they care about others, but they lie.YOU don't care about others. You do not care where others need to go. You don't care if others are late for where they are going.If you are n... Read More »

I need to ask you people a question?

It is your little fantasies like this that have you afraid of spiders.Spiders are really a clean sort, they are not vectors of disease or bacteria.If a spider crawls across food stuff, it is perfec... Read More »

Why do people ask the same question over and over again?

Gee, I really wish there were more like you on this forum. Thanks for being smarter than so many of the others - I couldn't agree more.My feeling, they're too lazy to read the owner's manual and t... Read More »

Question for oracle people :p?

I would assume that SQL would be the big one, but I'm just guessing