Hii i am doing Bsc(comp). what will be benifits of RHCE or RHCT to me?

Answer yes Redhat has a lot of demands these days. trust me nowadays 60% of survers run on linux platforms. so lot of job oppurtinities.

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What are the benifits of joining ROTC?

there are different benefits to all the different branches of ROTC but one thing in common is the 4 year college scholorship that comes with a monthly allowance for you to use as you please. if you... Read More »

Will my mom know what im doing on the computer?

The key is to not 'go' anywhere on the Internet that you would not like people to find out about. There is no privacy on the Internet. Your mom can see every site accessed by the network and just a... Read More »

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What will a case worker ask when doing a home study?

AnswerWhen doing a home study, a case worker will want yo talk to the child and adults seperately and together. They will ask the child things like, their name, age, and things like that. Then they... Read More »