High empathy / sensitivity and healing ability?

Answer If she can learn to protect herself, it is a good idea.

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Can a dry socket occur after 7 days or is it in the healing stage and can there still be very little sensitivity and pain in the area?

AnswerUsually a dry socket will occur a little after the procedure is done. You might be in the healing stage and it is just really sore. Remember not to drink out of a straw. That will cause su... Read More »

Does heat speed up the body's natural healing ability?

Heat increases blood circulation to the area. More blood = more build/repair material to use.

How does the combination of high-cholesterol and high blood pressure affect the ability to get health insurance?

Answer This isn't a simple question to answer. In CA agents are NOT allowed to tell you that you won't get coverage. It's up to the Insurance company underwriters.Height and weight would also be ... Read More »

Will the Garmin eTrex H with high sensitivity work in the UK?

The Garmin eTrex H is equipped to work in the United Kingdom, in addition to select other European countries, including Ireland, Spain and Germany. This particular Garmin model is a handheld GPS me... Read More »