High School World History Activities?

Answer As much as we want students to be eagerly interested in learning about important subjects such as world history, the truth is that most high schoolers are distracted by their social pursuits, or th... Read More »

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How to Get an 'A' in High School World History?

While the ability to earn A's comes naturally to some students, others need to put in a significant amount of time and effort to earn good grades. Fortunately, with careful notes, solid test-taking... Read More »

World History Activities for Middle School?

World history can be one of the most exciting and interesting subjects that students learn. To make history come alive, consider giving your middle school students activities on the time period the... Read More »

World History Activities & Lessons for Middle School?

World history comes to life when events are charted, acted out and discussed among the class. Pick a topic of interest and study it thoroughly, then split the class into groups that devise alternat... Read More »

High School Activities for Black History Month?

Black History Month is a month designed to foster awareness of the history of black people, both inside the United States and externally. By conducting a variety of different activities, you can sh... Read More »