High School Organic Chemistry Lab Experiments?

Answer Organic chemistry is the study of chemical molecules and compounds that contain carbon. These molecules and compounds are complex and diverse, and form the basis of live for all living organisms. B... Read More »

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Easy High School Chemistry Experiments?

Completing a high school chemistry experiment is a good way of introducing certain subjects to your students. Following a simple experiment, students can think about progressing their experiment de... Read More »

High School Chemistry Experiments With Results?

High school chemistry experiments vary widely. A few examples include pollution levels in a lake, the reduced freezing point of water with impurities, garlic's effect on bacteria and testing lactos... Read More »

High School Chemistry Tools?

High school chemistry labs can be fascinating and fun, but before the magic happens there are tools that every lab needs in order to be informative yet safe.

High School Chemistry Resources?

More than most subjects, science classes need resources. Some resources are crucial for scientific experiments, which allow students to see the effects of science firsthand. Other resources serve a... Read More »