High School Marketing Class Objectives?

Answer High school-level marketing classes can serve as a useful introduction to modern marketing, advertising and communications for high school students about to enter college. At the core of modern mar... Read More »

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My daughter signed up for a film photography class at her high school. The first day of class we found out?

Depending where you live, you can try Craig's can see if anyone has one locally for sale and you can also post that you want to purchase one. Also try local pawn shops. As some of the ... Read More »

High School Chemistry Objectives?

When teaching high school chemistry, there are some objectives you should keep in mind for classroom success. Knowing what topics you want to cover in the classroom can help inspire lesson plans an... Read More »

Objectives for a High School Resume?

For many students, high school presents the first opportunity to compose a resume. Resume writing during this stage of life can prove challenging, as the individual has little to include on this do... Read More »

General Objectives for High School Algebra 2?

Whereas Algebra 1 introduces students to processes and concepts that deal with abstract mathematical concepts, Algebra 2 requires them to build and elaborate upon these ideas. Although different sc... Read More »