High School Laboratory Disease Transmission?

Answer A good high school laboratory experiment can be both fun and informative for students. By using a few simple laboratory items, teachers can duplicate disease transmission scenarios with surprising ... Read More »

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High School Laboratory Projects in Biology?

Learning biology is an important step in understanding nature and the processes of living organisms. In high school biology, students learn both basics and the more complicated, scientific aspects ... Read More »

High School Science Laboratory Activities?

Studying by reading is one way we learn, but "hands-on" activities are also a way to learn and to experience what's happening in a process. This may often help you understand a process and to remem... Read More »

High School Biology Laboratory Tools?

The Biology classroom is a memorable place for most high school students. From the first day, the smell of formaldehyde and the rows of specimen jars are hard to forget. Biology labs contain a coll... Read More »

What Are the Significant Differences Between a Laboratory Assistant & a Laboratory Technician?

When doctors and other healthcare professionals order clinical tests to diagnose or treat patients, laboratory staff plays a key role in ensuring that accurate results are provided in an efficient ... Read More »