High School Geometry Project Ideas?

Answer High school geometry projects can help students apply theoretical concepts to real life applications of geometry. This not only helps students understand and remember principles of geometry but als... Read More »

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SGA High School Project Ideas?

The Student Government Association is composed of students tasked to represent and give service to the student body. Given their position, there are various opportunities for the SGA to implement p... Read More »

DNA Project Ideas for High School?

One way to teach high school biology classes about genetics is to do DNA project. Because the idea of DNA is difficult for many students to conceptualize, interactive activities are one route to ta... Read More »

High School English Project Ideas?

Teaching English in high school develops a number of skills students need to move forward in the world beyond the high school years. Although these skills include learning to write and read at the ... Read More »

High School Video Project Ideas?

If you can think of a concept that you can turn into a video, this concept becomes a video project. High school students have opportunity to videotape things like sporting events, create short film... Read More »