High School Drill Team Social Officer Ideas?

Answer High school drill team social committees have a big job to keep spirits high even when team members are worn out by long hard practices and competitions. Especially during football season and compe... Read More »

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Ideas for Fundraisers for a School Drill Team?

Fundraising is an essential part of a drill team's success. Whether money is needed for new uniforms or transportation costs, a few innovative fundraisers will ensure that your team has the money t... Read More »

My high school cross country team is looking for ideas for fundraising this summer..?

every year, there is a fair in our city. TONS of people come, so there are lots of fundraising opportunities. we sold pancakes, but there were a lot of people selling other could hold a ... Read More »

High School Bulletin Board Ideas for Social Studies?

High school teachers have a variety of tools available that they can use to help students learn. Bulletin boards in the classroom are one of the most valuable tools in the collection because they p... Read More »

Ideas for a Social Sciences High School Research Paper?

If you're taking a high school sociology class, you'll probably be required to write a research paper that pertains to current social issues. When seeking ideas for your research paper, choose a to... Read More »